Team 476 Robotics

History About Team 476

Our team accepted the challenge in 1999 with a NASA grant for the 2000 season. Being new to FIRST and not having a team for guidance we really struggled. Our main sponsor, ConocoPhiIlips gave us space for construction and we spent Christmas break cleaning and getting it ready. After we received our kit of parts we soon realized we were in for a lot of long days and nights. We felt like we were doing well when we were able to make a prototype move. We soon found a problem, as we quickly had to raise money while building our first robot ADIDAR (All Day I Dream About Robots). It didn't help that with only four days until shipping. we were 20 pounds over. Inventing Jenny Craig for Robots. we managed to make shipping by pulling three all niters in a row.

We went to the Lone Star regional in Houston and were blown away by true "Gracious Professionalism". We competed strong, qualifying 4th out of 38 teams, and we felt realty good. but were knocked out of the finals by a strong defensive team #318. The judges awarded us with the "Honeywell Leadership in Control" award which inspired us to attend the 2000 Championship at Disneyworld.

We had mechanical troubles in the matches, but invited to the State Capitol to demonstrate the robot and to share our FIRST experience. This has lead into the past eight years where mentors of Team 476 have visited the offices of the Governor of Oklahoma, State Senate and Oklahoma House of Representatives promoting our team and FIRST Robotics numerous times. During her address to the members of the Oklahoma Senate. Team 476 Academic Advisor. Tonya Scott, stated. 'We are attempting to make Oklahoma the Mid-Western powerhouse of science and technology by aligning our efforts with Oklahoma Brad Henry's vision for Oklahoma. His goal is to bring recognition to Oklahoma as the Research Capitol of the Prairie."

Since the inception of Team 476 in November of 1999. the torch has been passed onto succeeding members to insure that the Teams Mission lives on. Our mission facilitates the achievement of our ultimate goals; transforming the way youth regard science and technology while developing an appreciation for the real-life rewards and carær opportunities in these fields. We want to be role models for other teams and organizations. we want to communicate the importance of FIRST and its message, and we want to continue to create innovative ways to spread the word of FIRST as we continue to develop and maintain long lasting partnerships.

FIRST has made a tremendous impact on our team members' lives. Our team has learned valuable life skills through being members of FIRST. In today's modern world there is no other organization that allows students to have such hands on learning as FIRST robotics has currently emtndied. Through it, team members are able to discover the skills necessary to exists in the real world. They have been able to consistently find and acquire the financial resources and planning skills essential to traveling to remarkable destinations across the country. Our team learns everything from how to use a wrench properly and safety, to how to build a precision made transmission. Finally, but not limited to, they have learned new and effective communication methods that have allowed them to be graceful under pressure when speaking to executives, professionals and political leaders. Our students have gained interviewing skills. networking skills, and social skills that will be essential to obtaining scholarships and jobs in the future. In recognition Of their diligence and hard work, our team members have also received the honor of lettering in Robotics. This is in recognition of student achievement and commitment to the team.

Our team uses leadership abilities to maintain diligence in designing, building, and testing a robot in six weeks. All of this while maintaining attendance to all classes, participating in other extracurricular activities. and upholding work schedules and grades Most of our team members carry heaver class loads; ben involved in many Advanced Placement classes Our team has a cumulative GPA of 3.59, with a weighted GPA of 3.9. With all of this, FIRST teaching our team invaluable lessons that seemingly unachievable pieces of knowledge in any class room. We have learned the value of creativity when it comes to fundraising, problem solving, and "standing out” in the crowd.

several times each year. One example of the many projects our team volunteers for is setting up lighted displays tor the "Festival of Angels" during the holidays. Through this association we can actively participate in an organization that is not only observed by the citizens of Ponca City. but by those of the entire Mid-west. We do all of this while key electrical engineering skills that will help prepare us tor the robotics build season, Another organization that we contribute to is the local domestic violence center Every year we are able to help a family in need during the Holiday season that otherwise may have nothing. In addition to both of in the 06-07 season, Team 476 actively participated in the local United Way parade building a float involving the active archive of Team 476 robots, not only did this draw the attention out the more than 1,000 spectators in attendance, but it also impressed the judges enough to award our team the prestigious "gest Float: Non-commercial". This was an honor and another great way to volunteer and reach out to our community.

Our team members are highly creative, and being unique comes naturally. Presentations are always exciting and innovative wherever we go. Currently we are using a traveling science field trip and LEGO robots to grab the attention of younger students. Soon after gill, all of our local elementary schools were banned from field trips: this is when our team began making afternoon presentations with our "Science These always turn out to be an interactive way for kids to have great hands on experience with science and technology While having fun. "Science Rules" are not the only way we use fun to implant a love for science and technology into the hearts of our local youth, Every summer, our team holds an annual LEGO workshop at the local library. This is an eventful way to reach out to our younger engineers. Summer after summer our workshop manages to pull in the most kids out of any other library n program and is always the fastest to fill up. These events are completely student organized and run. Taking our robot to many city and state events, it always manages to turns heads. Adult crowds love to hear our team members share their college goals, achieve dreams of becoming a scientist engineer.

It is extremely important to our team to be the best role models that we can before each other. our school, our community, and other teams Team 476 has an instilled desire to make sure that no other team has to go through their rookie year without having another team to ban on, We have found role modeling skills that have become invaluable to our team members. These skills have allowed us to demonstrate to other teams the correct way to share resources We often trade hardware and building materials, loan our old robots to new teams that need todemonstrate FIRST to their local school boards and sponsors, and share food and fellowship during competition and conference events. In recognizing our untiring efforts to promote FIRST, former FIRST Executive Director, David Brown. described our efforts as "FIRST Evangelism-. We continue these same evangelistic efforts eight years later. Our team's activities are &signed to lead by example and show new teams how they should recruit new teams in the future.

Starting in the 06-07 season, we a new Oklahoma Robotics Rally where various Oklahoma. Texas. and Kansas teams came to learn the basics of FIRST, and with help from team 1750, we created a successful program that will undoubtedly go forth throughout not only the next few years, but the rest of the flourishing FIRST years. More broadly, we have mentored eleven Kansas teams, 2 Texas teams, and 4 teams from Oklahoma. Team 476 was instrumental in doubling the amount of FIRST teams in Oklahoma during the season, from four to eight. Continuing forth, we were able to be an influential part in increasing the number of Oklahoma teams from eight to twelve the following year. A Key part of this has been our organizing of the Oklahoma Robotic Foundation. We are currently using this organization to promote FIRST, achieve the goal of doubling the number of current Oklahoma team, and eventually hold a successful regional competition in our great state. Additionally, statewide presentations have been made at the Omniplex Science Exploration Center in Oklahoma City and multiple state education conferences. Currently we are working with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and Oklahoma State CareerTech, to use FIRST Robotics in the curriculum for Pre-Engineering Academies by using Project Lean the Way curriculum. We have recruited and mentored three Career Tech Robotics Teams. The CareerTech State director, Dr. Phil Burkenbile, envisions having robotics teams in all the CareerTech schools.

In a land where football rules, it has been a difficult journey to communicate our excitement of being part of FIRST. Our presence at Pep Assemblies has now become exciting, bringing loud cheers from our student body of 1,500 high school students. They now scream with excitement when our robot comes into the field house gymnasium floor. In 2006, we managed to REVOLUTIONIZE the way that robotics is presented to the masses. Form the past year’s robot, competing in Aim High, we transformed our 7’’ foam ball shooter, into an amazing miniature football/basketball shooter to be presented at the local sporting events, Due to its large fan base, we have been able to present our robot and our Team actively to over 2.000 fans each week That's not all we’ve done however. our presentations have been plentiful at various events. We have attended booths at club fairs and spoiling events, homecoming and holiday parades. and demonstrated at after school programs and elementary assemblies_ Other events include enrollment days, high school carnivals, class reunions, and local festivals. Our community activities include the Iris Festival, The City Hall Dedication, Classic Car Show. Freedom Festival. Library Summer Programs, Christmas Parade, 101 Ranch Rodeo and Oktoberfest, just to name a few. Our robots are usually totally worn out after a year of demonstrations.

In the 2006 season, Team 476 was honored to one of only 50 teams selected to be in an lite and extraordinary FIRST Fuel cell Pilot program. Through this program, students were able to hands on with ground-breaking technology that will one-day fuel the world and is fuel young students’ minds.