Team 476 Robotics

Mission Statement

Team 476 exists to inspire engineering in youth interested in academic excellence through a safe learning and working environment. We will attain the support of the community by developing successful students celebrating through VEX Robotics Competitions while practicing good stewardship of our entrusted resources.

Core Values

Student Involvement

Allowing students to excel through robotics, whereby, the Robot takes on the personality of the students through open expression of idea, experiences, and knowledge.


Choosing actions which benefit the group as a whole towards a common goal while trusting in the abilities of our teammates.


applying our intelligence to approach tasks in unique methods


Dedicating ourselves and our time to the success of the team and our goals.


Dedicated to expanding our Knowledge of science and technology through the experiences gained designing and constructing robots.


enjoy learning, while conducting ourselves in a professional manner.


The number one goal of the PO-HI robotics team is to transform the way youth regard science and technology while developing an appreciation for the real-life rewards and career opportunities in these fields. We will continue to seek out Other schools to participate in the VEX Robotics competition and mentor them.

The secondary goal of the team is to build a team which represents our school, sponsors, city and state in a manner that will bring a positive representation to these entities. We will always practice gracious professionalism.

Thirdly we will strive to build a robot that is competitive and student designed.